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Cheese Market News: How Toppers Pizza Wins the Better Pizza Battle with Fresh Ingredients
A really great pizza starts with fresh, locally-sourced cheese.

Cost, freshness and consistency are just some of the factors pizza makers consider when sourcing cheese. 

Cheese Market News surveyed executives from an array of pizza operations across the United States, including Donette Beattie of Toppers Pizza, on these issues, as well as food safety, menu labeling regulations, packaging and use of cheese in marketing.

Beattie commented on various trends and issues in the industry and highlighted what sets Toppers Pizza apart in quality and freshness of the brand's product. 

"Cheese price volatility is an issue that Toppers faces, I think even more than some brands, because of our commitment to using only fresh, never frozen, Wisconsin cheese," Beattie said. "We understand that the market changes and we’re not willing to sacrifice quality by freezing/storing cheese to take advantage of low markets."

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