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Retail & Restaurant Facility Business:New Pizza Prototype Makes for More Transparent Experience
Aims to 'Do Pizza Better' as Scrappy 'Underdog'

When Scott Gittrich left Domino's Pizza to embark on a quest to do pizza better by founding Toppers Pizza, the concept was based on respecting pizza and making a product a customer could be proud to call "their" pizza place. In a recent issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business, Gittrich explained that motivation drove the recent remodel and newest Toppers prototype. "Our new show kitchen gives today’s customers exactly what they want in the exact way they want it," Gittrich wrote in Retail & Restaurant Facility Business. "In the past, customers may have preferred food to magically appear from behind closed doors, with no indication whatsoever about how the sausage is made — figuratively and literally. After years of hearing fast food horror stories that’ll turn your stomach, however, the prototypical modern diner seems to want transparency rather than mystery — and who can blame them?" The new Toppers Pizza prototype features an "open kitchen" model that adds to the transparency of the brand.

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