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The Herald-Times: Toppers Pizza Continues To Bring Its Premium Pizza Brand To New Cities Across Indiana
The Wisconsin-based chain is eyeing a couple new locations in Bloomington, Indiana.

Toppers Pizza is eyeing further growth in the state of Indiana, and has its sights set on development in Bloomington. The Herald-Times spoke with franchise development associate Mac Malchow about the brand and their plans for Indiana.

According to the article, Toppers does not yet have real estate or franchisee plans in place, but is hopeful they will bring 2-3 stores in the next few years.

“It always looks a little bit fuzzy in the beginning, but as soon as the site is identified, we can usually open up doors within nine months of that time. Right now, were looking to find a possible restaurant person in the area to develop the market. If that isn’t identified in the next year, well come with a company store,” Malchow said.

The article mentions Toppers’ fun culture and unique toppings, while also detailing how the college-town vibe of Bloomington makes it a perfect fit for the brand.

“The college is one part of the town, but we know it as a vibrant community with a youthful presence. You’ve got a great sports culture which you see across the state, but Bloomington has its own loyalty to its own team. We’ve got a lot of stores in these college areas, and we see a lot of similarities in the culture of the Bloomington area and the other areas we are located in,” Malchow said.

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