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Toppers Pizza Continues to Disrupt Traditional Pizza Delivery. Seeks New Franchisees to Develop St. Louis Next
The brand said it could potentially add 25 units in the St. Louis area
With 73 units open and operating across the U.S., Toppers Pizza has become a leader in the pizza segment. The brand has stood out from the standard pizza chains, thanks to its bold flavors and customization options. Now, as the brand continues to develop new locations across the country, Toppers is looking at St. Louis as its next hub for development.

The brand has a major presence across the Midwest with successful units in Kansas City, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Chicago. Mark Cairns, director of franchise development at Toppers, said St. Louis is a major market for any type of business, and they want to make their mark as the preeminent pizza brand in the area.

“St. Louis is a market that we have had our eye on for a while, as it has been a major market for businesses to thrive,” Cairns said. “It provides a strong economic climate for franchisees and we could potentially develop 25 franchises. And it is about 339 miles from our home office, so we would be able to visit the investors down there.”

To pinpoint the perfect spots to open units, Toppers is using data and analytics from research firm Buxton for site selection. Buxton provides the brand with the ability to identify and locate pockets of potential customers based on eating and spending habits. Cairns said they will be able to analyze demographics and determine where the biggest concentration of its core customers will be.

“We want to set up our franchises in the areas of St. Louis where our core customers will be,” Cairns said. “With the data from Buxton, we will also be able to see how much competition there is compared to how many potential customers there are. With this and the economic climate in St. Louis, we feel that new investors will be able to flourish.”

With a median household income of $55,598 and the cost of living 5.1 percent below the national average, St. Louis’ economy is perfect for potential investors, according to Forbes.

Toppers Pizza is one of the fastest-growing pizza chains in the U.S. and is fueled by the growing consumer demand for amazing pizza delivered at fast speeds. The brand is looking for new franchisees to share its core values of building something special, giving customers what they want and, most importantly, having fun doing it.

From real estate and financing support to training, Toppers makes sure franchisees are prepared for a strong grand opening. The brand has developed a promotion kit to help introduce possible investors to the market and get entrenched in the neighborhoods. And the home office support teams will work with franchisees through issues big or small to keep them on track and sales trending forward. To join the brand, prospective franchisees can expect their initial investment to range from $291,666 to $527,152.

Cairns went on to say they are excited to develop St. Louis and are ready to bring on new investors.

“St. Louis is right in our wheel house as it is a large market, and we have had success in major ones like it across the country. It also helps that there are major sports teams in the in the city, which will only fuel our sales,” Cairns said. “We are looking forward to bringing on new people to help make St. Louis the next great development spot for Toppers.”

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