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Stevens Point Journal: Local Toppers Pizza Manager Rises to the Top
Steven Rapinski finds his calling at Toppers Pizza.

For Eau Claire, WI native Steven Repinski, Toppers Pizza has transformed from a temporary job into a successful career.

After working at locations in Minneapolis, Wausau, Oshkosh and now Stevens Point, Repinski's hard work with the brand has paid off and earned him the Top Manager award at this year's annual Toppers Pizza convention in Orlando, Fl.

“I was nominated for the award last year and didn’t get it, and that just really motivated me,” said Repinski. “But it’s not an award that’s just about me. I have a great crew that works hard and still knows how to have a lot of fun, and we all did this together.”

Company Founder and President Scott Gittrich said that Repinski “really stood” out from the other nominees, and one of the ways he did so was in his work getting out in the community.

“He’s built awareness for Toppers Pizza with boots-on-the-ground, guerrilla marketing. He mobilized his crew to have fun, get out there and beat the streets,” said Gittrich.

Along with Repinski’s award, the Stevens Point location also received the Team Attitude in Action Award at the national convention as result of team members encouraging all employees to be involved in sales building.

“We have high standards, and the staff works hard and wants to be here. We don’t really have that much turnover,” Repinski said. “That makes it a great place to work, and I can’t really see doing anything else.”

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