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Toppers Pizza Introduces New Straight-Up Pricing
As Toppers continues to dominate the pizza industry, they're introducing another weapon to their arsenal: The freedom to customize

We’ve all been there before. You’re crafting the perfect pizza order online, when you suddenly realize that all of those extra toppings are starting to add up. Between the smoky BBQ chicken, Asiago, green peppers and red onions, that delivery pizza of your dreams has turned into a money-draining nightmare.

But now, thanks to Toppers Pizza, it’s time to say goodbye to $1.50 per additional toppings. This August, the brand announced the introduction of a new “straight-up” pricing menu at every single one of its 76 locations. This means that any pizza that includes more than two toppings will cost the same, regardless of how many toppings you manage to squeeze onto 14-inches of freshly-baked ‘za. In other words, there’s no math required—just the freedom to customize without breaking the bank.

“This unleashes the opportunity for the customer to make the pizza that they want—and deserve. Our customers could literally order a pizza with 22 toppings if they wanted to, because that’s how pizza should be done,” said Scott Gittrich, the founder and CEO of Toppers. “For us, it was all about transparency. We want to let our customers know that they can get whatever pizza they want, without worrying about those tiny numbers at the very bottom of a menu claiming that pepperoni will cost you extra. Customers are already loving it, and it’s something that I’m very excited about. I think it’s going to be big—people generally order two to four toppings, so it’s one hell of a deal.”

Throughout the pizza delivery segment, no other brand offers the same kind of value on high-quality toppings as Toppers. Since the company’s founding, Gittrich recognized that people were craving something more than homogenous delivery—they wanted a better-tasting pizza and they wanted it fast. By taking the quality ingredients and innovative concepts often seen in the fast-casual world and offering it to their customers through quick delivery, Toppers emerged as a fierce competitor in the pizza industry. Backed by a better pizza, enhanced technology, a strong customer experience and steadfast growth plans, today, Toppers is well on its way to dominating the competition. And now, by introducing this never-before-seen pricing structure to their ordering system, Toppers has proven to their customers, franchisees and competitors that when it comes to being the best in the business, they’re in it to win it.

“Just about every pizza place out there claims that they want to give their customers the freedom to customize. But in reality, we end up zinging them with extra fees. By introducing straight-up pricing, we’re unleashing the customer’s creativity to put together the exact pizza that they want. This isn’t a pricing scheme,” Gittrich said. “I believe this will give Toppers a competitive advantage for quite some time, while all of the other pizza chains out there try to play catch up.”