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Nation's Restaurant News: Toppers Pizza Targets Generation Z with Technology
As many brands are focusing on millennials, forward-thinking Toppers Pizza is looking to target the younger Gen Z.
The franchise industry is in a constant quest to win over the Millennial generation, but getting ahead of the next wave of potential loyal customers is key for forward-thinking brands. According to the Hartman Group, those born after 1995 or 1996 make up a quarter of the population, and as Nation's Restaurant News reported, restaurant brands like rapidly growing Wisconsin-based Toppers Pizza are finding ways to tap into the trends and unique characteristics of this group.
The brand has invested in technology, heavily pushing the online ordering platform to appeal to Gen Z's propensity for mobile device and social media usage. “We think the future is more toward the mobile web experience than it is with the app," Scott Iversen, VP of Marketing for Toppers Pizza, told NRN. "People are downloading fewer and fewer apps every year, and they are cleaning up real estate on phones.”
Additionally, the brand recently rolled out "Straight Up Pricing" with options for a two-topping price, or an unlimited price so as not to "nickel and dime" their customers. The brand is nearing 80 locations, and has plans to expand in a variety of markets across the country including new locations in Colorado, Wyoming, Virginia, and Maryland. 
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