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QSR: These Are the Five Most Important Issues Tied to The 2016 Presidential Election
Toppers Pizza Founder and CEO Scott Gittrich expresses his hesitation over supporting Trump.

The 2016 presidential election has truly been one for the books, but when the dust settles, America will have a new president - and that means a new leader who will have an impact on the franchise restaurant industry.

In the October issue of QSR Magazine, they took a look at five of the most important issues tied to this election, including labor regulations and their impact on the franchise industry.

“Whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or somebody else, they’re going to figure out a way to navigate,” Matthew Haller, senior vice president of communications and public affairs for the International Franchise Association, told QSR. “But these regulations do have consequences. Particularly in the labor space, the consequences are going to fall on the consumer, the employee, or the U.S. economy.”

Additionally, issues like minimum wage, the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice, and tax reform will impact players in the franchise restaurant industry, including Wisconsin-based pizza franchise Toppers Pizza, which is closing in on 100 units across the U.S. Recently, Fortune magazine reported that in a survey of all Fortune 500 CEOs, 58 percent preferred Clinton over Trump - and Toppers Pizza founder and president, Scott Gittrich, repeated the hesitation over supporting Trump to QSR.

“I do think he would probably be better for business people. If I was just voting my business, my pocketbook, I would vote for Trump,” he told QSR. “But I’m willing to give up more of my pocketbook and vote my conscience.”

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