Sales Soar Across Toppers Pizza’s Franchise System with Election Night Special

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Sales Soar Across Toppers Pizza’s Franchise System with Election Night Special
Sales Soar Across Toppers Pizza’s Franchise System with Election Night Special
By connecting its products to the current events its customers are passionate about, the leading pizza brand has created a recipe for success.

The nation’s largest pizza chains have been scrambling to keep up with Toppers Pizza since the brand first opened its doors 25 years ago. After becoming an instant fan favorite—especially among the largest group of American consumers, millennials—the brand has consistently been a few steps ahead when it comes to menu innovation, a strong digital presence and everything in between.

That’s why it’s not surprising that Toppers hit another home run with its election night special. On November 8, the brand offered its customers a one night only deal in honor of the 2016 presidential election: a large two-topping pizza or triple original Topperstix were available for only $5.99.

“There’s no doubt that Toppers already offers a better value than the big pizza chains on a regular basis. But a few times a year, we like to reward our customers by rolling out specials that tie into current events,” said Bridget Vetter, manager of marketing and public relations for Toppers Pizza. “Our customers are passionate about the world that they live in, which means they’re tuned into current events. Tapping into that passion and connecting our products to nights like the 2016 presidential election is just another way that we stand out from the competition.”

In addition to capitalizing on current events from a consumer standpoint, Toppers’ special promotions are also proven to boost traffic and sales across the brand’s entire franchise system. To say the election night special caught on among consumers would be an understatement—the majority of Toppers stores across the country saw double digit sales increases compared to their average Tuesday night orders. The brand’s location in its hometown of Whitewater, Wisconsin, for example, experienced a 235.20 percent sales jump.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the positive response our election night special received. We knew it would be a big night for pizza orders, and we were really able to make the most of it. We didn’t just encourage people to order from us while they were watching the election results come in—we took it to the next level by making it an enjoyable and affordable experience for our customers across the board,” said Scott Gittrich, the founder and CEO of Toppers. “That’s what makes Toppers unique in the pizza industry. We don’t just talk the talk like the big, national chains, we walk the walk. Everything we do is designed with our customers in mind.”

Toppers is planning to continue its tradition of launching special promotions for its customers as the new year gets underway. On February 27, the brand will offer a deal on a two-topping pizza that donates 22 meals from every Hunger-Relief Special purchased to Feeding America. And on April 20 starting at 4:20 p.m., Toppers will celebrate Worldwide Topperstix Day by offering 50 percent off its signature menu item.

“We’re looking forward to our upcoming specials. Not only do they lead to higher sales and brand awareness, but they help us connect with consumers in the communities we call home,” Vetter said. “We’re confident that these promotions will continue to drive the Toppers brand forward as more customers have the chance to try our superior pizza and Topperstix. It’s become clear that once people experience our top-quality ingredients, fast delivery and exceptional customer service for themselves, they’re hooked.”