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Restaurant Hospitality: Toppers Lets Customers Order Pizza Their Way
More restaurant operators are taking on the "have it your way," mindset by increasing options for customization of menu offerings.

As millennial consumers have become a key audience for brands, bold flavors and a wider variety of ingredients in dishes are becoming more mainstream. 

For example, Toppers Pizza recently launched Straight-Up Pricing, which means anything with more than two toppings will cost the same. This gives consumers the opportunity to make their pizza as fancy as they'd like without the burden of a higher cost. In addition, people are taking house recipes and adding their own customizations. One popular mashup is Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Mac ‘n Cheese Pizza, so Toppers added Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese Pizza to the menu.

"For the most part what’s happened is that we’ve seen exactly what we hoped to see — which is people are making it their own," said Scott Iversen, vice president of marketing.

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