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Pizzamarketplace.com: Toppers' Restaurant Design Reflects The High Quality of Its Pizza
Toppers chief development officer David Biederman spoke with Pizzamarketplace.com about the brand's store design.

With an increasingly competitive restaurant segment, franchisors are forced to be creative with their design to stick out. From the experience to the thinking outside the box, a lot goes into making sure the design is just right.

"Much of our design was driven from how our customers have been using our restaurants and the direction the business is heading," Toppers Chief Development Officer David Biederman told the Pizzamarketplace.com reporter.

There is a lot to coordinate with restaurant design, including specific budgets and space
"I do think there is this kind of mega-trend in the industry — people are more concerned about what they eat. …" Biederman told the reporter. "Our new design reflects these qualities. Customers are able to see that we are back there, having a good time and making food for the customers that we appreciate. We listened to our customers and franchisees and came up with a design that involved components they asked for, including great quality, durability and lowest price for a remodel. We weren't proven wrong when we saw the consumer and franchisees' positive responses after the first couple stores were rolled out with the new prototype."

You can view the entire article here.