Toppers Pizza Gears Up for Huge Bump in Sales on Super Bowl Sunday

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Toppers Pizza Gears Up for Huge Bump in Sales on Super Bowl Sunday
Toppers Pizza Gears Up for Huge Bump in Sales on Super Bowl Sunday
The brand—which always experiences heightened demand during football season—sees an even bigger boost in sales during the Super Bowl.

It’s a well-known fact that pizza and football go hand in hand. But consumers across the country are refusing to settle for subpar pies during the big game—instead, they’re turning to the leading brand that’s known for its top-quality ingredients, innovative menu options and fast and reliable delivery service: Toppers Pizza.

Sales have been known to soar at Toppers’ 70-plus locations during football season—game days are anywhere from 50 to 80 percent busier than usual. But demand for the brand’s unique pizza recipes and unrivaled Topperstix is even higher on Super Bowl Sunday. In 2016, Toppers’ system-wide average Sunday sales were $170,202.74. On Super Bowl Sunday, that number jumped more than 30 percent to $222,507.48.

“Football season is pizza season. Between college students being back on campus, busy families and colder weather, there’s a natural bump in people looking to have their lunch and dinner delivered. But Super Bowl Sunday takes that heightened demand to the next level. And we’re expecting this year’s numbers to be bigger than ever,” said Mac Malchow, director of field marketing and franchise development associate for Toppers Pizza. “There’s no doubt that we’re ready for a big boost in traffic—our system is designed to enhance our customers’ pizza delivery experience.”

Toppers goes above and beyond in order to cater to football fans before, during and after the big game. Longer store hours ensure that consumers can satisfy their Toppers cravings as soon as they hit, and complimentary paper plates, napkins, crushed red pepper and parmesan packets eliminate any added set up or clean-up for Super Bowl party hosts.

In addition to anticipating customers’ needs, the brand also leverages Super Bowl Sunday as an opportunity to encourage its franchisees’ growth. The annual event gives local store owners the chance to connect with their local communities and bring in new business that will last even as football season comes to an end. Toppers’ corporate team helps build this brand awareness on a local level by providing its franchisees with marketing materials and proven best practices.

During this year’s Super Bowl show down between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, the brand is anticipating record activity.

“We’re excited to see what Super Bowl Sunday will look like at Toppers’ locations across the country. Not only will our customers be enjoying quality pizza as they cheer on their favorite team, our franchisees will also benefit from a spike in sales,” said Mark Cairns, director of franchise development for Toppers. “There’s nothing better than satisfied customers and successful franchisees, and Toppers’ quality products and proven business model make both of those goals easy to achieve.”