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FastCasual.com: Delivery and Catering Brands Prepare for Super Bowl Rush
Toppers Pizza, Wing Zone and Philly Pretzel Factory elaborate on pre-game preparations to get ready for the big day

During the week of the Super Bowl, restaurant owners, employees and vendors are preparing for one of the biggest sales days of the year. According to FastCasual.com, National Restaurant Association says roughly 15 percent of the nation's population orders food for one of the biggest food holidays during the year.

FastCasual.com connected with Wing Zone Training Director Noel Guilford, Toppers Pizza Marketing Vice President Scott Iversen, and Philly Pretzel Factory Marketing Manager Adam Terranova to hear more about how the food concepts prepares for the big day.

Noel, Scott and Adam elaborated on when most orders are placed, the portion of business that is delivered vs. catered, and technological advances that allow ordering to advance.

You can view the entire article here.